Donnie Moline, PGA


Director of Junior Golf, Dynamic Golf Institute



Donnie Moline, PGA Director of Junior Golf, Dynamic Golf Institute TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Donnie has been teaching a wide range of golfers since 2005.  As a PGA Professional and a Level 3 TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, he combines fitness components with swing fundamentals to help each golfer conquer the issues of their game, and take their performance to the next-level. Donnie specializes in preparing junior golfers to play competitively at every level by developing a solid foundation of all aspects of the game from how to swing the club to how to play on the golf course. Meanwhile, helping them find out why they want to play golf, and what makes it more fun for them. Donnie believes each student must understand that improving involves a plan and a process, as well as understanding the cause and effect of the golf swing, to truly gain the ability to help themselves. Therefore, his instruction goes beyond just what to do, but also understanding why you’re doing it.