Play the best courses in the world the way you want to play them.

Have you ever played The Old Course at St. Andrews? It’s the home of golf. If it’s your first time, you can play it easy and comfortable. Not too much wind. Easier pin placements. The pin up front on the Road Hole. Get your confidence.

Then when you’re ready, let’s see just how hard it can be. You set the gimme range. If you’re hard core, no gimmes, put everything out. Ouch, it really is a world championship course! How do you like your St. Andrews?


What’s the game?

Do you want match play? Stroke play? With mulligan’s? You choose.

Club Recommendation and Selection

Let GolfZon be your caddy. It will suggest the appropriate club. How far do you really hit them? Know your distance.

GolfZon Vision Simulator: Ground Information - Distance, height, green, etc.

Better than a GPS, Better than the best Caddy.

The information will let you know exactly what’s going on.

GolfZon Vision Simulator: Score Card


GolfZon keeps track for you. Makes it easy on you. Keeps your opponents honest!

GolfZon Vision Simulator: See Your Ball Flight

See your ball flight

You will be amazed at how accurate it really is. Actually, you won’t really be amazed. Depending on how good your game is, you might say, “this can’t be right. I usually hit it so much farther.”

Welcome to the real world, she said to me… Quote: John Mayer.

GolfZon Vision Simulator: Training Modes

Measurable Practice.

Get the feel for a 10 footer on fast greens.

How hard should you swing to fly your wedge 28 yards.

Imagine how much better you can be.

GolfZon Vision Simulator: Measurable Data

Get the stats on your shots

How far did it carry? How far did it roll?

What’s the face angle at impact? And much more.

Go Beyond Reality

GOLFZON’s at home golf simulator software allows you to play on real-life golf courses. Aerial photographs produce unmatched course realism. Discover legendary St. Andrews in all its vivid details, along with 150 world-class courses with GOLFZON VISION.

Real Fade, Draw, and Lob Shots

The sensitive and accurate GOLFZON VISION sensor system precisely measures club trace, impact, and ball movement which are used to calculate realistic ball properties such as draw, fade, and lob shots.

Real Slope and Ground Conditions

The GOLFZON VISION Swing Plate makes it possible to simulate real course slopes. Combined with fairway, rough, and bunker mats, players can play under real slope and different ground conditions. Improve your game and practice for any situation with GOLFZON at home golf simulator software.

Real Green Undulations

Real green undulations deliver the same thrill and challenge as being on the actual course field. See all your shots using the swing video replay function, just like the professionals.

Online Network Service and Competition

GOLFZON’s unique online service connects all the worldwide GOLFZON users together, and anyone can participate in competition events wherever they are. Using the GLF (GOLFZON Live Festival) feature, you can easily organize new competition events. Event features such as Hole-in-one, Longest-drive, and Shoot-the-balloon provide additional fun for any user, whether a beginner or a low-handicapper.