Ollen Stephens

PGA Master Professional (Teaching & Coaching)

This is Ollen’s Story

Ollen gains strength from his wife, Michelle and his two daughters, Maria and Gabriella. While they live in a Chicago suburb, his roots run deep to his family’s Missouri farm. Ollen has always been on a journey. He’s a build it and fix it guy with a drive to understand how things work. As a marathon runner, he’s experienced in setting long term goals and achieving them. He seeks continuous development and deep understanding. Through his PGA Master Professional Mentors, he continues to help golfers of all levels gain control and improve ball flight. To put Ollen’s journey and background in perspective, there are approximately 40,000 golf pros in the US. PGA Golf Professionals account for 27,000 of these pros. A select few seek further instructional theory and practice, representing 500 of these professionals as PGA Certified Professionals, Instruction. And a mere .4% or 207 go even deeper with an immersion in state of the art instruction. They reach the pinnacle as PGA Master Professionals (Teaching & Coaching).


PGA Master Professional (Teaching & Coaching) Percentage of all Golf Pros