Membership Offer for Students

Revenue Share Program

Affiliated Golf Professionals with the Power of the Golf Ball Center in Northfield now have the opportunity to receive $60 per student or friend that becomes an annual member of the facility.

We expect these memberships to be SOLD OUT before the end of September.

We have already added a number of these annual members.


Program Highlights

The new annual recurring memberships for non-students will be $197.

Affiliated PGA Golf Professionals with Power of the Golf Ball students will save $10/month, the rate for referred students will be $187 per month.

We are adding hours for members and reducing the available hours for the general public off the street.

Target Golfers

Ideal for:

  • Students that come in early before their lessons and want to warm up at the center.
  • Students that want to practice after a lesson to groove the good they got from their Golf Professional.
  • Players that want to make this the best year of golf.


Limited Number of Spots Remain

For those that are members in the summer, they will also receive a dozen Titleist ProV1s or a dozen balls of their choice for the months of June, July, August and September.

In addition, they will receive a complimentary full bag fitting for Titleist Clubs, or $150 credit for a Cool Clubs fitting.

Annual Membership


Memberships for non-students are $197 per month.
For your student to get the $187 price, and for you to get the credit, use your name in the discount code field.

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“Bridge” Annual Membership

“Bridge” Annual Membership also available as needed. For whatever reason, you’ve tried to sell the annual membership, or even if you just feel like your client can’t afford the monthly additional charge, you have the option to allow existing client to add the membership for $97 per month. In exchange for the reduced membership, you will still receive a share, however you will “only” make $25 per month for existing students that gets an annual membership at $97 per month.

This bridge option is only available for current clients that add the membership in 2018 or until the memberships sell out.

This bridge option should be the perfect answer for Students that want to came in and warm up before their lessons and Students that want to groove the good with more reps after their lessons. If they are NOT members, they’ll need to pay the hourly rate for a GDR of $45 or for a Vision of $55 hours.

The Center Staff will have students pay for practice time if they are not members.

Cool Clubs Fittings

Cool Clubs sole objective is to help you improve your golf performance on the golf course, from the tee to the green.

You can count on us to analyze every unit of data available to ensure you play better golf, whether it be an indoor driver fitting or a complete outdoor tour fitting. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your fitting.

When you come for any fitting at Cool Clubs, be sure to bring all your clubs, golf shoes and glove. Wear clothes that you normally wear on the golf course and be prepared to have a good time!

The Power of the Golf Ball Facility will receive a $50 Processing Fee from the Commission per order.


Improve by 1-5 yards


Improve by 6-10 yards


Improve by 11-20+ yards

Titleist Club Fittings

As a Titleist Fitting Center we are equipped with over 1,800 fitting club combinations and utilize launch monitors and K-Vest to offer a high level of service for golfers who want an in-depth fitting experience. In conjunction with the Members PGA Golf Professional the player often pays no more that the Titleist standard price for a fully fit set of irons, Vokey wedges, drivers, fairway woods and hybrids Scotty Cameron Putters and Titleist Golf Ball Fittings.

The Power of the Golf Ball Facility will receive a $50 Processing Fee from the Commission per order. Or $10 per single club orders.

Sign Your Student Up Today before all the memberships are full.

Help your students improve and earn money without your feet on the grass.